Jacinta di Mase Management

Jacinta di Mase, Director

Email: Jacinta@jacintadimase.com.au

Website: jacintadimase.com.au

342 St Georges Road,
North Fitzroy, VIC 3068

Submission notes:

— Quality commercial fiction and non fiction for adult and children’s markets.

Jacinta di Mase Management is a Melbourne-based literary agency representing a diverse range of children’s authors and illustrators of picture books, middle-grade, and young adult fiction, including Michael Pryor, Phil Cummings, Karen Blair, Jedda Robaard, Sher Rill Ng, Heidi McKinnon, and Jenna Guillaume.

The agency is also known for quality commercial fiction and award-winning non-fiction. Clients include: Clare Wright, Clementine Ford, Carly Findlay, Zoe Daniel, Andrew Ramsey, Tracy Sorensen, Katherine Collette, Ruth McIver, and Robert Hillman.

Agents Jacinta di Mase, Danielle Binks, and Karen Tayleur work closely with clients to develop their manuscripts and proposals. International rights are managed by in-house rights manager, Natasha Solomun.

Please visit our website for updates on what we’re currently seeking as well as how to make a submission.