Curtis Brown

Clare Forster, Agent – Melbourne Office
Fiona Inglis, Managing Director/Agent
Pippa Masson, Agent
Tara Wynne, Agent
Clair Roberts, Accountant

Phone 02 9361 6161 / 02 9360 3935



Sydney Office:
PO Box 19
Paddington, NSW 2021

Melbourne office:
Please contact the Sydney Office via email

Submission notes (for full submission guidelines please click here):
— We are currently only accepting submissions from Australia and New Zealand. Please refer to our website “Submission Guidelines” for full information regarding manuscript submissions.
— For any questions you might have, we prefer contact by email.

Curtis Brown is Australia’s largest and oldest literary agency, representing a diverse range of Australian and New Zealand writers. Please refer to our website for information regarding manuscript submissions, permissions, theatre rights requests and the clients and Estates we represent.